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Thursday, July 7, 2016  

Eagle Flyer Zip Line to Open Saturday, July 9

Owner Ralph Macchio Contracts with Bolton-based Adirondack Extreme to Operate Attraction; Will Focus His Attention on Wild West Ranch

LAKE GEORGE, NY — The Eagle Flyer zip line in Lake George is now open and under a new operating agreement between its owner and the owners of Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course in Bolton Landing.

Ralph Macchio Sr., owner of the new zip line, which is located at his Wild West Ranch & Western Town in Lake George, has contracted with Adirondack Extreme to operate the zip line on his behalf.  Under the agreement, Adirondack Extreme will be responsible for operating, staffing and marketing the attraction, which will be the Lake George region’s first high-speed zip line.

Mr. Macchio will continue to operate the Wild West Ranch and Western Town attraction, which includes the Wild West Saloon family restaurant and a variety of family activities to supplement and complement the Eagle Flyer. The Ranch and restaurant are now open for the summer season.

“This makes perfect sense for everybody,” Mr. Macchio said. “The Johnsons live, eat and breathe the aerial adventure industry. They’ve got a great thing going in Bolton, and they’ve designed and built adventure parks around the country. As soon as we approached them with this idea, they couldn’t wait to get started. They’re going to do a great job turning the Eagle Flyer into one of the top attractions in the region.”

Mr. Macchio added, “I’ve worked the last five years to get the Flyer approved, designed and built in a way that blends into the natural beauty of this property, which means so much to me and my family. Now it’s ready to go, and I can focus my attention on the other activities at the Ranch, knowing that the Flyer is in good hands. I can’t wait to start seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they land.”

Jamie Johnson, owner of Adirondack Extreme, said, “We loved the idea of a high-speed zip line the moment we heard about it. It’s just a cool concept, and we look forward to lending our expertise.”  “There are so many synergies here,” Mr. Johnson continued. “We have 10 years experience in this category of entertainment. We have a thriving business that caters to like-minded customers just a few miles up the road. Plus, Adirondack Extreme and the Wild West Ranch are both family-run businesses that are committed to providing fun, family experiences in the Lake George Region. Now we’re going to be doing it side-by-side.”

The Eagle Flyer will take flight from the summit of French Mountain on the Wild West Ranch property, with unsurpassed views of Lake George and the spectacular Adirondack Mountains. Four side-by-side lines will allow groups to race each other to the bottom. Flyers will soar above the treetops as high as 125 feet off the ground, make a 1,000-foot vertical drop and hit speeds as high as 50 miles an hour before landing gently on a platform. Flyers can take the three-quarters-of–a-mile journey in the seated position or horizontally, like an eagle. Thrill-seekers will be transported to the top of French Mountain by off-road vehicles from the base at Wild West Ranch. After a safety review, they will be properly fitted in a harness then propelled off a starting deck for a non-stop, minute-long flight. The smooth landing at the end is made possible by a sophisticated braking system that will slow flyers gradually before the end of the line.

Mr. Macchio, who has owned the 200-acre French Mountain property where the zip line and Wild West Ranch are located for 11 years, has re-opened the Ranch attraction with its restaurant and family activities, including paintball target shooting, an indoor arcade shooting gallery, a newly equipped game room, and bocce ball courts.

The Wild West Saloon family restaurant has re-opened under the management of Chad and Stacey Powell, who also own and operate an Italian restaurant and pizzeria on Long Island. Mrs. Powell is Mr. Macchio’s niece.

The Saloon’s menu is highlighted by both Baby Back- and St. Louis-style ribs, cooked outdoors on a custom-made, double-sided smoker; as well as steaks, burgers, sandwiches and other fare. The restaurant can seat 160 inside and an additional 200 on the outdoor patio, which is complemented by a fire pit for evening gatherings. Live entertainment is planned at the Saloon throughout the summer. The Powells will also operate an adjoining ice cream shop.

For Jamie Johnson and his family, operation of the Eagle Flyer will provide an opportunity to cross-market with their 10-year-old Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course in Bolton Landing, the largest aerial tree top adventure park in the country. Adirondack Extreme boasts more than 1.5 miles of thrilling aerial adventures including wobbly bridges, climbing walls, zip lines and swinging surprises at varying levels of height and difficulty.

The Johnson family also operates Outplay Adventures LLC, one of the world’s foremost designers and builders of aerial adventure parks. Jamie Johnson’s father, Dave, serves as President of Outplay, which has built 11 parks across the country under the TreeGO brand name.

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