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We appreciate your reviews and we love hearing from you!!

“Amazing ride. Harness is so comfortable, no big drop off, smooth ride all the way. Can’t wait to do it again this summer.” Betty

“The best experience in my life, looking forward to do it again. The staff were awesome and so informative. I would recommend this to all my friends. Thank you” Jackie

“The staff are amazing!!!! I am ridiculously terrified of heights. So scared that I cried like a baby but I wanted to try this experience with my kids and our friends. They were so calm and patient with me. They checked my gear over and over to make me feel better and explained everything they were doing and what I would be experiencing. They never once made me feel like I was overreacting even though I was. I hear the view is beautiful but I didn’t look around very much. My kids loved it and want to go again but my feet might be staying on the ground.” Christine

“Great experience. The staff was helpful and fun to talk to. Highly recommend.” David

“What an awesome thing to do. We had so much fun. The second time is better than the first.” Hannah

“I waited patiently since last year to Zipline here. First day of my vacation and my boyfriend and I took an adult only day trip.. It was an incredible experience. The ride up was exciting and the adrenaline was pumping.. What an amazing rush when the doors open… Followed by the most relaxing ride down. Can’t wait to bring the family in the fall when the leaves start to change.” Dorene

“Had a great time here. I was a little scared but it turned out to be way more fun then I had expected. Will come back!” Stephen